Tradealike is a mobile platform for Financial market traders to provide actionable trade alerts to individuals who seek a simple and transparent alerting format.
We intend to make Tradealike app a fair platform for our alert senders and receivers both. To help traders continually grow and develop their trading skills by following successful traders is an effective way of learning from the best. We also maintain a friendly, fair, and noise-free alerting platform, which respects new ideas, and hard work.
Yasir Co-Founder
Yasir, an active trader for past 15 years, envisioned a platform that allows fellow trad- ers to share their trades instantly with other like-minded individuals. Due to the nature of active trading and the way prices move, alerts have to be delivered and executed in a timely manner. You can follow him or other active traders by downloading the TradeAlike app.
Talib Co-Founder
Talib is the brain child behind this platform which he still classifies as evolving. Really passionate about options trading and how to exploit inefficiencies in the marketplace. An active trader himself, he is constantly involved in improving the platform and user experi- ence, and the ways to bring more interaction within financial community.
If you have any question(s) about the platform or want to become a sender and get rewarded for your trading skill, please drop us a note or send us an email at info@tradealike.com