A serious tool
for active traders

Tradealike is a platform for active stock and option traders who would like to interact and follow other like minded and equally passionate market participants.

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About us

What makes us different

We provide a mobile platform for folks seeking advice and trade setups from traders who want to share their successful trading ideas via quick and easy communication. The passion needs to come from both sides of the equation.

Alert Senders

A smart and efficient way for individual traders to capitalize on their proven trading skills by sharing their strategies and trade ideas with rest of the community. This mobile platform will help grow your membership base, and build your brand.

Alert Receivers

It does not matter if you are a seasoned trader or starting for the first time, Tradealike platform helps you gain by picking up trades of other successful traders in real time. You can pick'n'chose the strategies, and frequency of receiving an alert.


Platform Highlights

Some of the main features of TradeAlike application

Real-time alerts

Send and Receive instant notifications containing simple to follow instructions on when to open and close a trade.

Power to alert receivers

As an alert receiver you are in control of when to accept an alert. If you don't want to trade, you should not pay for it.

No monthly subscriptions

Introducing the pay-as-you-go model, where you buy credits and use them only when you want to. No long-term commitments.

Follow your favorite traders

As we grow our trading community, you will be able to evaluate trader profiles and their strategies before following them.


Trading Instruments

Single-leg option trades

These are naked call/put trades seeking high returns in the shortest amount of time.

Vertical credit spreads

High-win probability trades targeting single to low double digit returns.

Calendar spreads

Work great in range-bound markets, where you can take advantage of different time decay rates.

Long only Stocks

If you are looking for traditional stock trading where you only want to participate when the stock is anticipated to go up. This alert is for you.

Short only Stocks

This strategy tried to take advantage of stocks that are falling in prices, where you sell the stock at a higher price, and buy it back at a lower price to keep the difference as profit.


What kind of financial instruments are tradeable on TradeAlike platform?
Currently TradeAlike platform offers ability to send out and receive single-leg options and vertical spreads. As more traders come onboard, platform can be expanded to include other types of trades such as Calendar spreads, Butterfly and Iron condors, Straddles and Strangles etc.
How do I sign-up to become an Alert Sender?
If you are interested in becoming an alert sender, please send us an e-mail at info@tradealike.com and we will be in touch.
How will I be notified of a trade?
You will receive an instant notification on your mobile with simple and easy to execute instructions.
When do I exit a trade?
You have full control of your trade and can come out whenever your goal is met. However, a notification is sent out whenever a trader closes a trade.
How many trades are made each week?
As you are given an option to accept or ignore the alert, it is up to you how many alerts you want to trade on. Everyone has different level of risk aversion, access to capital, and trading goals.
Can I get some free credits and try out the app for free?
You only get charged for a credit when the trade is closed in profit. However, if you still want to give it a try, leave us a note with your user ID, and we can give you a free credit.
How long is each position held?
It really depends on you. Whenever you want to exit a trade, you have the option to do so. The alert sender will send out a notification when they close the trade.
I am new to options trading, can I still understand and place the trades?
Options are risky financial instruments that are not for everyone. You should only trade & invest in them after being knowledgeable about these securities. However, the instructions to execute an option trade and the reasoning behind it are all shared via the alert.
Do you offer Auto trading service with any third-party brokers?
Auto-trading service for TradeAlike platform is not offered at this time.
Do you trade on your own alerts?
Yes, most of the traders trade on their own alerts. However, they are not under any obligation to do so, just like you.
How do I cancel my service?
Simply stop purchasing any advance credits, and you have effectively cancelled your service.
Do I get notified if a sender manages a trade?
Whenever a sender changes the position size, or provides any commentary, the detailed update is posted under the individual alert and also a notification is sent out. However, it is up to receiver’s discretion to close or manage the trade however they like.
How do I get a refund of the credits that I have purchased?
Unfortunately, no refund is given for any advance credits that are purchased.
What is the average contract price that you trade?
It all depends on which sender you are following. It it an option trade or a stock trade. Historically speaking, we have seen all kinds of range. The good thing is you will know the range of price in dollar terms before you buy an alert.
How do I get to the TradeAlike platform?
Please download the ‘Tradealike’ app from iTunes store (Apple platform) or Google market (Android platform), and follow the prompts to get started.
I signed up, why am I not getting alert notifications?
Please allow TradeAlike app to send you notifications via your phone settings.
Can I get an alert on an e-mail?
Due to the nature of fast moving markets and the trades made using this platform, it is not appropriate to use e-mail for delivering an alert.

Our team

Yasir, an active trader for past 15 years, envisioned a platform that allows fellow traders to share their trades instantly with other like-minded individuals. Due to the nature of active trading and the way prices move, alerts have to be delivered and executed in a timely manner. You can follow him or other active traders by downloading the TradeAlike app.
Talib is the brain child behind this platform which he still classifies as evolving. Really passionate about options trading and how to exploit inefficiencies in the marketplace. An active trader himself, he is constantly involved in improving the platform and user experience, and the ways to bring more interaction within financial community.

We’d love to hear from you

If you have any question(s) about the platform or want to become an alert sender and get rewarded for your trading eye, please drop us a note or send us an email at info@tradealike.com